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Recovery Recovery

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This was very fun Nugget ERRMMMM i mean 8-Scars! :D

&amp;quot;Never Enough&amp;quot; &amp;lt;-New isht "Never Enough" <-New isht

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Shweet flow mayne!!! Sick beat too, good lyrics, & well everything flowed well with this song :D Normally I don't care for the raps on NG, but I like this one cuz it sounds more "pro" when it comes to quality

RemixF2D responds:

thanks bro.


[~The Perfect Color~] [~The Perfect Color~]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is a very catchy WIP you got here. Too bad it's a WIP cuz I'm really enjoying this!!! I'll give you a bit of critique since I know that all great artists, like yourself, like a bit of critiquin'

Your variation was very nice, especially the difference between the hook and actual verse guitar. Plus, you didn't need to much transitioning with the crashes which was very nice and when you did use them to transition, it was very nice. Maybe a lil' softer on the start of the crash rise, but other then that, great!

I really liked the drums in general. I'm guessing you played those too which sounded very nice. Your tom drums seemed either like they had a little too much "release" on them or it was simply played for too long. The only reason I could tell though is cuz I listened with speakers and then headphones. Also, maybe just a bit more on the snare for some extra oomph. I like the percussion you added, even more percussion would be great like a tambourine or somethin' in the hook section.

Also, a small section for the 1st melody guitar that's in the beggining. There was a note that I'm not sure was played hard enough cuz I could hear the rattle noise so just make sure you grip on dat, but it is only a demo so I'm sure you'll get it down, I'm not really counting it critique wise. Also, maybe eq to make it sound a bit thinner sounding and have it with less "warmth" if you know what I'm saying.

That bass is very nice and powerful. It adds that extra flavor too the song that's very nice :D

That funky, wha-ish guitar you add in the last hook is great! Maybe a little quiter and maybe panned to the left ear just for some more flavor for the left ear, but it's great. And before the rise back into that last hook, maybe have the crash rise again and then get into it. This song also has very good consistency with the timing and tempo of each instrument, very good!

Overall, this song was very enjoyable! I really appreciate this kinda music cuz it helps me relax and I don't really hear indie songs like these on Newgrounds a lot. Just a bit more eq for some of the guitars for a "thinner" sound and it'll be great! Also, one last suggestion. At the end, when that loop keeps repeating, maybe cut down the repetition by half and it'll be perfect!!!

Review - 4/5
Rating - 5/5 for effort
FAV'D (Totally send meh the official version when you're done, dude!)

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MilkyChocolate responds:



The drums are finger-drummed on an MPD with the Addictive Drums VST. Best drum sampler ever, imo.

EQ is for dorks. I like the warm sound, I do not plan on correcting mistakes.


The last hook will be risen into by overdubbed, growing vocals. Don't tell anyone, but I partially quantized a lot of the parts in this song with my DAW.

Sweet. I don't think I'll cut the last loops in half, since there will be vocals over that, which will give variation.

So like, thanks and stuff. Will do.

Geoplex- Reflections(RMX) Geoplex- Reflections(RMX)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice dude! I listened to the original first to get a clear understanding of what I'm listening to and this is a great "rendition" of the original. I love how it sounds rather diverse from the original, especially how it has that 90's techno feel with that piano in the beginning. Here is da critique yo!!!

I love the melody for that piano dude. I don't what your using for the piano, but it sounds kinda generic. Might I suggest either lowering down the note velocities so that it sounds a bit softer or make it less dry and adding more reverb for a more spacey feel. Other then that, it's great.

I love the arpeggios/synths your using in this song. The arpeggio filter to the build is great! It sounds even better with headphones on cuz I can hear it more distinctively with them. Good job on that!

I like the bass and note pattern, but I don't know if I'm feeling the sound itself. It has a great sub and you can easily hear it with/without headphones, but it's sounds a little to generic. Might I suggest replacing it with a more deeper bass synth of some sort. Or of course you can just eq differently for a different, subbier, deeper sound or add different fx's to make it more unique.

Nice job on sampling choice. I like how the clap kinda just slaps me in da face! You also have a very nice, subtle kick and a very steady pace of hi-hats going on there. I know this is just a WIP so you will probably do this, but you should add some crazy-awesome percussion. Use some synth shots or some weird sounding hi-hats with fx's to make it sound more percussion like!

Overall, this is just a WIP, so I know the full version will be great. It's been awhile since I've done a review so I thought I'd review this :D Send me the full version when your done with it, ok? Cuz you gots to finish 'dis mayne :P
4/5 Stars
5/5 Rating (Yeah, that's right, I'm a 5 bomber, wutcha gonna do about it :))

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The Ruper The Ruper

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Remember how I said I'll review sooner or later?? Yeah, well I finally got off my lazy ass and Imma do it lolz :D So here we goes!

Dude, your mastering has improved so much more since I've last listened to your music. The music theory is much better too. I like the retro gaming atmosphere of this song, it's different in a good way.

I like the consistent variation in your drums and how you didn't add to much variation either. I also like the sample you picked too cuz they sounds just right and very basic for this type of music.

Since this is a loop, I'm fine with you not having a complete intro and outro, but if you were to ever make this a full size song, this would prob sound great with an intro! :D

I really like the synths you add here and there. Especially how you add instruments on the other half of some bars. I think the only thing that sounds a little funny is the synth percussion I believe around, oh wait I'm not sure because the new NG edit of the screen for the music is like below the box for some f'in reason lolz.

Overall, very nice job. I saw just work on percussion and you got yourself a damn good loop bro!
4.5/5 Rank
5/5 Score

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ClimbLadders responds:

Yeah I remember =) I need to get off my ass too and hop back on it so i can get back to music. ...It's complicated lol.

I'm glad you've noticed the mastering. Someone gave me a tip about useing multiple headphones to master, and that it should sound good on any pair. Also, I didn't use reverb on every instrument as i usually do in this one.

This was going to be used for the big project I'm working on for a mech battle, but I changed my mind because I figured that what I have is long enough. I didn't know how long it was gonna be, so i just made it into a loop so that I wouldn't have to keep dealing with it in the movie editor lol.

Ngs is probably glithing lol

Antiskill- Little Tokyo Antiskill- Little Tokyo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey mayne, wuzzur?? It's been awhile since I've reviewed, but I'm a man, well teen, of my word that I'd do it so let's get started!

Dude, the atmosphere and energy of this song is awesome. I love how you got right into it and the feel of the song is great and has a great title too.

That bass, OMG, eargasm. It's so basic, yet mind blowing. It's nice cuz you make the notes really fast or hold them out and it still won't sound bad. Nice job on that!!!

I like the variation and instruments you've added to this song. It's funny cuz at first I was like "iight, this is some catchy shit, but why is it so repetitive all of a sudden??" then I realized it was on loop so thank god I noticed that. I liked how you added so many instruments here and there and gave it so much variation. What did you use for that flute anyway?? Amazing job.

I really like your variation in drums. What I probably like best are those filtering hi-hats you add the first time the flute comes in, sounded great.

Overall, really good job on the piece. I like how it's just a simple loop and it sounds great. I'm guessing if you made this song into a full version, you could add a whole lotta crazy stuff to it.
5/5 Rank
5/5 Score

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YakovlevArt responds:

Wow, thanks a lot for the lengthy review!
I love reading your reviews becasue they are so alive.
I'm happy you like the loop, man. Really.
Thanks for the support!

Just Like That? Just Like That?

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice beat mayne. I overall like the atmosphere it has and it has some great details that I love about it. Someone could really spit some fat rhymes on this. Here's my critique (I haven't done a review in so long)!!!

The sample it's was a very good choice. It's nice to know that the people on the site still listen to good jazz cuz I listened to the original and it is very relaxing so good choice. I think you could've done more with the sample though and just add another bar from the original.

I love that bassline. Nice job on the notes for the bass cuz it just sounds really nice and clean and well mastered with my speakers/headphones. I think adjusting the notes on the vibraphone and note placements might be good to make the song sound smoother for every bar that has the vibraphone, but hey you don't have the file so I won't be harsh on that. But, it was a nice touch to add to the song!

Dude, I'm lovin' the nice phaser/flanger effect towards the middle-ish of the song. That's where someone could go real ham on dem lyrics boii. I think adding a few more drum instruments like cymbals and lighter percussion could make this piece come together even more, but that's just my opinion.

Overall, this was a really nice song. I believe that it probably could've been even longer too, but hey, files come and go ya know?? I've been in that sitch too. Good job mayne!!!
4/5 Stars
5/5 Score ;)

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JackRocker responds:

Thanks dude! I definitely appreciate the review, and one of these days when I get a new PC, I'm thinking about trying to revisit the original sample I used and do something completely different with it. Glad you enjoyed this, and I definitely appreciate the feedback!

Without A Name(Remix)Prev Without A Name(Remix)Prev

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wassup man?? Haven't reviewed in a while so hopefully I can still give the same style of critique :D I tried lookin' up the original, but couldn't find it so I'm just reviewing what I hear and not based off the original. Let's get started!!!

1.) I'm enjoyin' the intro to the song, but I don't think you should have the beat then a drop. I think you should just start the intro with the rise up with the chords. I love that little percussion since you have at 0:45. The intro is just so chill and relaxing, I love it!!! Also, that fx at 22 sec. threw me off a little bit cuz it was so loud compared to the actual chords, but the 2nd time it happened, it was in sync. Maybe make it with a longer lasting fx or a reverb clap. Nice job on the intro :)

2.) I like the transition on 1:14. The one thing I suggest is make the delay on the crash set to 4:00 cuz it goes offbeat when it's at 3:00 for the timing. Unless it's the fx itself. If that's the issue, then just get a crash without echo and add the echo yourself so that you can have the delay on time. That bass is really pumpin' it also. I love those glitchy vocals too. Where'd you get those anyways?? Nicely done!

3.) I like that string breakdown, it sounds awesome!!! What vst did you use for those anyways??, cuz im curious :D When the full beat kicked in, I was jammin' out. The only suggestion I'd say is add the bass you had in the 2nd breakdown or like a dirty electro bass or somethin', that'd be awesome!!! But that's only a suggestion, becuz I do understand this is trance, which would probably change the genre too house. Great work on the actual main section of the song.

Overall, this was a nice preview. It's a good transition from your normal style. I will defintely listen and review the full version when it's out :D

YakovlevArt responds:

I just want to say thanks a lot for the extensive and detailed review. I read the whole thing XD

1.) Since this upload is a preview, I don't have it start at the intro. I am only allowed to upload a 2min preview, I don't want half of it being just percussion, lol. That drop into the chord progression is the initial drop after about 2min of intro/1st verse. I don't want you to be confused but that is not the actual intro.

2.) The vocals I got with the remix pack, loved em so much, just had to mess with them! Glad you liked em, since they weren't glitchy in the original.

3.) I used "Orchestral" for the sting breakdown. I love using that plugin if I want a nice raw orchestral sound. I did want this track to be an uplifting/hard trance. I wanted the nice driving bass, but with soft and uplifting synths. I was considering adding some breaks in the synths for electro bass, but I thought that would bring the track in a new direction that I wasn't sure about.

I'm very happy with the score you gave me, I think it's fair corresponding with your review.
Hopefully if my remix is selected for the final release then you can listen to the whole track in it's glory. If it doesn't get selected I will probably upload it for a FREE download on Newgrounds/Soundcloud.

Again, thanks for the review man!

Avicii- Blessed (Remix) Avicii- Blessed (Remix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice man, haven't reviewed in awhile. I'm likin' the sound of this preview. I'll get right on to the critique and such.

I love the melody of the song. Iistened to most of the original and compared it to this. It's good since you remixed this well and made it somewhat original. Good work on the remixing portion, but I know you'll add more ;)

I like the intro synth you got there. It sounds catchy and very house like. My only advice on it is to either make it sound better with effects, flangus or somethin' else, replace it, or layer it with another sound so it doesn't sound so cheesy :P It's like eating a goldfish, but then you realize it has extra cheese and you're like "yay, extra cheese," but then you taste it and it isn't that great and you like the normal amount of cheese better, get what I'm sayin'??

Anyways, next up, your bass. I really like the simple, synth bass. My only advice is too add a sub-bass because are dying for one :D Might I add that if you added a dirty, electro bass in the full version, that'd be amazing!!! <3

Your drum samples are really good. I can't really complain on your samples, their wonderful. I like that nice, clean kick, snare, and hi-hat pattern when the song kicks in more. I think during the part where it rises, you should add percussion like some shakers and tambourines for some more flavor.

I like the FX's you added in the song. Just enough reverb with the synth, reverses I heard here and there, and your rises and sweeps were great! Before 1:15, I think you should add a big sweep, then when it hits 1:15, havve one of those sweeps that don't really stop and change the synth for more variation or layer it as I said before. I'm pretty sure I heard another synth, but I think you should add that one at 1:15 or somethin'.

Lastly, I liked the piano you added. It really sounds nice with the synth. I can't complain about it all cuz it sounded great.

Great preview man. Can't wait to hear the full version!!! Keep 'em comin'
5/5 (sheesh, that's gonna get confusing later in the future) :P

|-Still D.R.E Remake-| |-Still D.R.E Remake-|

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I love this song. You got some nice drums goin' on in this song. Love the percussion in this one, it's rather different than ur normal style, which is a good thing. You got them piano notes just rite and that bass is darn rite awesome! Nice remake dude

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O-Prime125 responds:

THank you :)