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OMG, This game is truly EPIC!!!! I've been playin' for like 2 hours & my score is right now at this moment 2,479,788. I didn't think I was gonna play that long, but apparently I did lolz ooops. Fun game, fun game.

Awesome pic maker

ive been tryin to find somethin to make my album cover pictures and now i finally found somethin awesome and simple :D

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This was very fun Nugget ERRMMMM i mean 8-Scars! :D

Shweet flow mayne!!! Sick beat too, good lyrics, & well everything flowed well with this song :D Normally I don't care for the raps on NG, but I like this one cuz it sounds more "pro" when it comes to quality

RemixF2D responds:

thanks bro.


Very nice dude! I listened to the original first to get a clear understanding of what I'm listening to and this is a great "rendition" of the original. I love how it sounds rather diverse from the original, especially how it has that 90's techno feel with that piano in the beginning. Here is da critique yo!!!

I love the melody for that piano dude. I don't what your using for the piano, but it sounds kinda generic. Might I suggest either lowering down the note velocities so that it sounds a bit softer or make it less dry and adding more reverb for a more spacey feel. Other then that, it's great.

I love the arpeggios/synths your using in this song. The arpeggio filter to the build is great! It sounds even better with headphones on cuz I can hear it more distinctively with them. Good job on that!

I like the bass and note pattern, but I don't know if I'm feeling the sound itself. It has a great sub and you can easily hear it with/without headphones, but it's sounds a little to generic. Might I suggest replacing it with a more deeper bass synth of some sort. Or of course you can just eq differently for a different, subbier, deeper sound or add different fx's to make it more unique.

Nice job on sampling choice. I like how the clap kinda just slaps me in da face! You also have a very nice, subtle kick and a very steady pace of hi-hats going on there. I know this is just a WIP so you will probably do this, but you should add some crazy-awesome percussion. Use some synth shots or some weird sounding hi-hats with fx's to make it sound more percussion like!

Overall, this is just a WIP, so I know the full version will be great. It's been awhile since I've done a review so I thought I'd review this :D Send me the full version when your done with it, ok? Cuz you gots to finish 'dis mayne :P
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5/5 Rating (Yeah, that's right, I'm a 5 bomber, wutcha gonna do about it :))

I am Xavier, but you can call me Stavier. I dable in the making of music production. You should checkout my songs cuz you just should, k??

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