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OMG, This game is truly EPIC!!!! I've been playin' for like 2 hours & my score is right now at this moment 2,479,788. I didn't think I was gonna play that long, but apparently I did lolz ooops. Fun game, fun game.

Awesome pic maker

ive been tryin to find somethin to make my album cover pictures and now i finally found somethin awesome and simple :D

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This was very fun Nugget ERRMMMM i mean 8-Scars! :D

Shweet flow mayne!!! Sick beat too, good lyrics, & well everything flowed well with this song :D Normally I don't care for the raps on NG, but I like this one cuz it sounds more "pro" when it comes to quality

RemixF2D responds:

thanks bro.


This is a very catchy WIP you got here. Too bad it's a WIP cuz I'm really enjoying this!!! I'll give you a bit of critique since I know that all great artists, like yourself, like a bit of critiquin'

Your variation was very nice, especially the difference between the hook and actual verse guitar. Plus, you didn't need to much transitioning with the crashes which was very nice and when you did use them to transition, it was very nice. Maybe a lil' softer on the start of the crash rise, but other then that, great!

I really liked the drums in general. I'm guessing you played those too which sounded very nice. Your tom drums seemed either like they had a little too much "release" on them or it was simply played for too long. The only reason I could tell though is cuz I listened with speakers and then headphones. Also, maybe just a bit more on the snare for some extra oomph. I like the percussion you added, even more percussion would be great like a tambourine or somethin' in the hook section.

Also, a small section for the 1st melody guitar that's in the beggining. There was a note that I'm not sure was played hard enough cuz I could hear the rattle noise so just make sure you grip on dat, but it is only a demo so I'm sure you'll get it down, I'm not really counting it critique wise. Also, maybe eq to make it sound a bit thinner sounding and have it with less "warmth" if you know what I'm saying.

That bass is very nice and powerful. It adds that extra flavor too the song that's very nice :D

That funky, wha-ish guitar you add in the last hook is great! Maybe a little quiter and maybe panned to the left ear just for some more flavor for the left ear, but it's great. And before the rise back into that last hook, maybe have the crash rise again and then get into it. This song also has very good consistency with the timing and tempo of each instrument, very good!

Overall, this song was very enjoyable! I really appreciate this kinda music cuz it helps me relax and I don't really hear indie songs like these on Newgrounds a lot. Just a bit more eq for some of the guitars for a "thinner" sound and it'll be great! Also, one last suggestion. At the end, when that loop keeps repeating, maybe cut down the repetition by half and it'll be perfect!!!

Review - 4/5
Rating - 5/5 for effort
FAV'D (Totally send meh the official version when you're done, dude!)

MilkyChocolate responds:



The drums are finger-drummed on an MPD with the Addictive Drums VST. Best drum sampler ever, imo.

EQ is for dorks. I like the warm sound, I do not plan on correcting mistakes.


The last hook will be risen into by overdubbed, growing vocals. Don't tell anyone, but I partially quantized a lot of the parts in this song with my DAW.

Sweet. I don't think I'll cut the last loops in half, since there will be vocals over that, which will give variation.

So like, thanks and stuff. Will do.

I am Xavier, but you can call me Stavier. I dable in the making of music production. You should checkout my songs cuz you just should, k??

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