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Birthday Tomorrow!!!

2011-06-06 21:21:52 by Stavier

So, my b-day is tomorrow so hopefully I can post a song on my birthday. Then it's my friends after mine tomorrow, what a coincidence :D I think it'll be a calm hip hop. But yeah, woooo!!! I just got kinda bored & thought I'd make a post XD But it really is my b-day tomorrow!

Any Suggestions On...

2011-06-05 16:29:09 by Stavier

Where I can buy a kinda cheap microphone that's still good. Somethin' that's maybe $50-$100 cuz I wanna also buy FL 10 when school ends. Also, if anyone has advice on FL 10 when I buy it, maybe if you could help me out, that'd be nice. & the zero bombers lately have been on it. I made this really good song that's RnB & it got dropped to 2.63!!! I'm mean seriously, WTF. Us artists work hard to get some popularity on this site for it is hard & they just go on on & zerobomb our songs, WTF. So zerobombers that are reading this, suck my balls man, peace.

Now that I've been thinkin'

2011-05-24 23:10:23 by Stavier

I've noticed that my new songs really make some of my older ones look really crappy. I think startin' tomorrow or now, I'll be deleting songs, not just from NG, but from existence. None of my new songs will be deleted, not even my 1st uploads ever, but there's a certain album I have that kinda sucks since before I use to use Garageband 24/7. So here's the list of songs that I'm gonna delete from my 1st ever songs from NG & the album:

1. Edge Of Nightfall
2. Synthesize The Orchestra
3. S.T.O. Finale (Synthesize The Orchestra Finale)
4. A Moment Of Peace
5. Retro Glo Club

I will also probably be deleting more since not all of them are that great, but there's a certain group of songs I like. I also might redo a few depending if I can, but for the most part, I'll be deleting a lot of them. That's all for now & I hope to redo some of my old & newer songs.

New FB Music Page!!!

2011-05-14 22:19:17 by Stavier

If you like my music then pleez like me on my new FB Music Artist Page

If you wanna be friends with me on just my regular then here's the link FB Account & pleez tell me if your a random person from NG adding me

If there's any songs you suggest I should add on there that are mine that I don't already have on my BandPage Playlist, then please comment which one I should put.

On the music side, I'm gonna be working on a new Dance song. It may easily change to Trance if I add a piano, but it's also gonna be half dubstep too. I might add a little house-tech to this song too. It will be called Restore To Life. I'm planning to do a demo then finish, but it depends cuz I don't wanna keep goin' to a million songs then come back to it 15 years later.

That's all for now & pleez check my music out!!!

What Guitar Is This?!?!?!?!

2011-05-03 23:40:17 by Stavier

I know it might be either electric, nylon, or most likely, acoustic, but I mean how is this made. I mean this is a really a true RnB guitar. I hate to hear a electric guitar that sounds extremely not RnB style. This song just has that smooth beat, clean guitar, nice rap, etc. I mean I'm just wonderin', how is such a guitar produced. I wish I knew how to play guitar like that, but I don't know how to play guitar. I mean I've been playin' this song for almost 2 hours & I ain't tired of it. This is almost like a classic 90's song, but it was made in 2002. Yet, it still has that clean & smooth 90's vibe. I just wanna wrap this up & say I wish I knew how the guitar was produced (of course by playin' it, but more detail or somethin'!!!) & well I don't what else to say. This song has me in it's trance.

I Need A Girl (Part 2) by P. Diddy ft. Ginuwine, Loon, & Mario Winans

I worked hard on this new song, Silver Crested Moon, & you should check it out cuz there's no promotion option on this site really, but how popular you are so I'm tellin' you, this is pretty good for me. Pleez check it :D lolz

HOLY CRAP, TOP 5 OF 30!!!!!

2011-04-21 20:41:05 by Stavier

To bad there's not a better face emotion for this excitement. I thought it was gonna be forever or never until one of my songs got on top 30, but apprently only however many months i've been postin' on this site. Surprsied it was Track Woah too. Thanx everyone for rating, reviewin', downloading, & checkin' my song Track Woah, really appreciate the experience of this enjoyment in which you, my fans, brought me today & pleez check more of my stuff out, thanx :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this doesn't make sense

2011-04-16 05:31:34 by Stavier

I noticed that when a music artist or me gets like 200 or 300 somethin' listens, around 20 downloads, & 30 somethin' votes or whatever there's never any reviews. There's no logic to it. I've been tryin' make sure I'm updated with no new reviews & yet I just noticed all my older songs have a lot of listens & stuff, just no reviews. But, I don't really mind I'm just surprised cuz I always thought I'd get more reviews in the begginin' to help me with my future songs, but again, whatever.

Alright, so I posted my song in the mornin' & I went to the school, hopin' when I came back the song would at least still be at a score of 3 point whatever or at least a review or somethin'. I'm all excited to check out what the score is & if there's any reviews. I openn the laptop, newgrounds is already open, I refresh the page & that's when I get pissed. My song was at a score of 2.50 with 5 votes & no reviews what so ever. I even stated in the author comments at least give me a freakin' reson why this is 0-2 worthy outta 5 & still nothin'. This song took me awhile to make & with so many instruments it had, oh yeah, this was hard. If this site banned zero bombin' noobs that don't give constructive critisim, I'd be okay with it. I'd even be be ok if they zero bombed it & gave a reason, but no. No reason, zero bomb, leave to check another & zero bomb that one. Newgrounds should have an activity scale or somethin' to see who keeps ratin' zeros for no reason whether it's reviews or ratings cuz this is one of the worst problems newgrounds has. For all the music artists that feel this pain, isn't hard to make a song that's worth listenin' to & get zero bombed on one of your songs. I seriously think these zero bombers are either jealous people that can't make songs as good as you or they don't take time to consider a bad score. So again, as the title of this topic says, "HOLY CRAP, ZERO BOMBERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know....

2011-03-26 17:15:28 by Stavier

Does anyone know where I can get free acapella's from a song or if anyone can make an acapella version of a song for me. I made a deal with my dad that he makes a remix of Take On Me by A-Ha & I make a remix of Doo Doo Brown by Luke. If you know where you can download acapella's free, comment please & send the link. If you can take out some music & leave the vocals for me, message me & I'll give more details. Thanx!!!