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Yay, 2 weeks in a row!!!

2011-07-22 17:54:20 by Stavier

Wow, I was surprised that Brisk Momento got on Top 30, but this week, I'm on there again, and with a higher number on the list!!! Thanx you all for checkin' out my song, Sea Of Atmosphere

I found it funny that all the Top songs on the DnB list got zero-bombed before choosing if it was gonna be on Top 30, but almost all the ones that got zero-bombed went on Top 30 :D That just goes to show that the zero-bombers had what's coming to them, finally. As for new songs, well I'm still learning FL Studio 10 and I'll try to have a new song by a week or 2, hopefully :)
(P.S. - Yeah, the pic. is kinda small, I know lolz)

Yay, 2 weeks in a row!!!

My Chicken! (A Story of a Black Guy & his chicken)

2011-07-18 20:22:28 by Stavier

Lolz, me and my friends made a comedy "professional movie" (not really) about a black guy (me) and his chicken with my friends new camera. Here's the copy and pasted description & a music update:

This...COMEDY. No...LEGACY, was made by the Chemical Productions. We present to you, My Chicken! It's a movie about a black guy who, apparently, loves chicken & plans to eat some. His afternoon gets crazier as it progresses.

His neighbor/friend, Alec, comes in through the front door & joins to eat some chicken because the black guy didn't lock the front & back door. Then, a hobo/robber comes in & that's where the trouble starts. He comes in & hurts the black guy, then robs him. The black guy gives him out of his house, he kills him, & he's dead, but hey, he black, & he shouldn't get robbed. He should be robbin', but chicken be better then robbing.
We hope you enjoy this comedy.

If you would like a download for the theme song then please message me, it's louder on MP3 then it is on video, but if you would like a link to the credits song, Chicken Monster Translated by ClimbLadders, then here's a link (to download song, click on the disk in the orange box in the licensing terms box & yes I did get permission to use this song):
Chicken Monster Translated

Music Update:
As for my music, well. I just got FL Studio 10 recently so I haven't posted anything new. When I got it, my friend, DJMoose, who gave me the Reg.Key & some VST links, go check out his music, helped me learn a little bit about it & now I know some rookie things on how to use it.

I tried making a hip hop song, but since I only had nexus to make the synths, it didn't help much cuz Nexus is more for Electronic songs & I didn't have the right strings for another hip hop song I was trying to work on.

I tried getting more hip hop help from O-Prime125, go check his music too. He sent me a link for a VST called East West Gold Orchestra, which I was excited for that I could've had the chance to maybe get the right strings, but no one was seeding in uTorrent, so I never got that to work.

Today, I got a little bit more help, not for hip hop, cuz I gave up on having a hip hop song as my very first FL song, but for an Electronic song. You see, Rainwave, go check out his music too, gave me some tutorial links and how he made a couple of his songs, not with sppecific details, but what VST's he used, can't tell cuz I'm not a gossip girl. He also helped me get Sylenth1, which I will work with later.

I also got a little help from Omega-Ravager, go check his music out too. He told me some advice & sent me an Orchestral vst, which I haven't used yet, but will try later on today.

Now that I'm using FL, I probably won't post songs as much as I use to, but at least it'll be more professional, and once I learn how to use it better, my songs will be better & before you know it, I'll be able to look back and say "that old song was crap!"

ParagonX9's New Song Today!!!!!

2011-07-12 13:06:29 by Stavier

So on fb, ParagonX9 said she's gonna have a new song today, Chaoz related song, & I'm so pumped. Not literally talked to me, her FB page post for her music page. She is literally my favorite artist & I wish I could be as talented as making music like her. ParagonX9/Chaoz ALL THE WAY!!!!!! :D (I was so pumped, I just wanted to make a post about it)


Need help with FL/Updates (You should read this:)

2011-07-04 15:33:46 by Stavier

Sea Voyage

Solar Energy

Euphoric Orbit

So what I need help with, if you're reading this, is FL Studio advice. I just got it yesterday & trying to get the hang of it. If you have any suggestions on what VST's I should get or anything else then please comment.

Anyways, if you like my music then you should check out my Facebook Page & like it, if you have a Facebook.

Also, please check out my Youtube Channel, you can subscribe or friend, I don't really care which.

If you read this then thanx you for actually caring to read this. You should also comment so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself.

FL Studio Advice :)

2011-07-03 18:21:57 by Stavier

If you give a damn to read this then thanx. I'm working on a couple new songs. I should have about 3 or 4 more. I'm also trying to learn how to use FL Studio so if any people can give me advice, that'd be great! Also, you should give a listen to my new song:
Babygurl (Sexy & Smooth)


Bad News

2011-06-26 18:47:37 by Stavier

Sadly, my fast, good laptop got infected by some weird virus which means I won't be able to work on the songs I'm suppose to. We will try to get it better, but if that doesn't work, it'll have to be cleaned out which means I'll lose all my song projects ;(

The sorta good news is that my old, slow laptop is workin', but is really slow. I'll be makin' my songs on there with the same program, but it'll be a little hard sayin' how slow it is & all, but it is louder while producing so I can probably equalize it better.

(Updated) I have a new song with the old computer I made so give it a listen, maybe you'll like: Euphoric Orbit

Complicated Agenda (Updated)

2011-06-19 03:49:15 by Stavier

Here's the music making progress list:
(5%=Idea For Genre/Song)
(10%=Couple Things Done)
(15%=Organize A Little)
(20%=All Instrumentation Chosen)
(25%=Choosing Instrumentation For Intro/Middle/Outro)
(30%=Intro Is In Prog.)
(35%=Intro Almost Done)
(40%=Intro Done)
(45%=Arranging For Middle)
(50%=Started Middle Of Song)
(55%=1st Middle Part In Prog.)
(60%=1st Middle Part Done)
(65%=Arranging For Middle/Mini Parts/Breaks)
(70%=3/4 Middle Parts & 4/4Mini Breaks Done)
(75%=Big Break Almost Done)
(80%=Middle, Mini, & Big Parts/Breaks Done+Outro In Prog.)
(85%=Outro Almost Done)
(90%=Outro Done)
(95%=Adding Finishing Touches)
(100%=Done & Possibly Posted)

Here's the song progress list (Update[6-19-11]):
Ultrasonic Speed (DnB)= 50% (Updated)
Orbit Of Wonder (Techno)= 45% (Updated)
Clap 2 Da Beat (Hip Hop)= 10%
Tropical Vacation (Techno)= 100% (Posted/Updated)
Unlimitted Bass (DnB)= 10%
Paradise Falls (Revised [Trance])= 55% (Updated)
Silver Crested Moon (Revised [Trance])=15%
Toxic Chemicals (Revised [Dubstep])= 50%
I'm Your W***e (Hip Hop)= 80%
Jazz Therapy (Jazz)= 100% (Updated/Posted)
Hypnotizing (Vocals [RnB])=50%

So the percentages indicate where the prog. of the songs are. I think I'll be tryin' to finish the electronic songs, then hip hop, & then the revised, unless one will be faster then the other. If I randomly get inspired for another song then I'll add that to the next update. I will be updating my BandPage Account soon & if you would like to visit my FB music page then here's the link & please like it (P.S. - I'll be updating this post instead of making new ones):

Back From Mexico

2011-06-18 23:56:57 by Stavier

So now I'm finally back from my adventure at Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. There I got bit by an iguana :D, ate like no tomorrow, went para-sailing, went to the wedding, which is why we went, saw an illusion show, & went swimming almost everyday.

Funny, I saw the iguana eating grass & I wanted to give it some grass but it actually bit my finger & it didn't hurt, but my finger gushed out blood a few moments later. It was still funny though cuz there was a sign that said don't get to close the iguanas for they may bite, yet I didn't see it & it was right by where the iguanas were at :D

I also made 3 songs while I was in Mexico/Plane. I made a hip hop song, dirty house song, & a vacatioin kinda elevator music song. I'm still deciding on the genre, but if I had to choose I think it'd be Techno. Since I can only post 2 a day I'll post the hip hop song & the house song today. While I was in Mexico at the illusion show, I heard one of the songs & it was classical. I've always liked classical & it was so deep & made me get a tear with that performance/song so Imma maybe try to make a classical song. So give a listen to my new songs & I hope you like 'em.

Beat Street Killa
Dirty House Record

Back From Mexico

New/Probably Last Song for a week

2011-06-11 01:23:25 by Stavier

So I actually did make one last song before tomorrow, which I personally like. It's like a combination of beaner style & hip hop. So I really need some listens, rates (good ones), & reviews so here's the link & I hope you like it:

Ridin' Clean (Instrumental)

New/Probably Last Song for a week

Bad/Good News

2011-06-10 18:05:18 by Stavier

So the good news is I'm going to Mexico tomorrow for a week with the family & everything.
The bad news is that I probably won't post/make a new song for a week either :/ There's a possibility though.
Since we are takin' this laptop then I will probably make one during the night or somethin', but maybe I'll post it since we won't know if we can get connection or not.
Right now, if I don't post a new song, then you should check out my latest song, Own The World (New Age)
If I do post a new song then it'll probably be hip hop. Maybe more of a mexican hip hop though depending if I can pull it off. So keep listenin' to my music for now until I come back :D