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New Song & Updates!!!

2013-07-26 05:09:17 by Stavier

Heya, whaddup fellow NG community!?!? It's been aehile since I've updated with any new posts so I thought maybe I should make one to update and share about my new song. The new song I made is an ambient/chillout beat that I thought was a bit different from my normal style. It has the chill feel like I normally make, with a hint of retro vintage instruments, but I've never made anything so ambient at the same time. The hardest part was probably the 32 bar music box intro, but I used all the inspiration and spirit within me to make this one of my best songs ever! Here's a link to my new song: Colors (They Fade...)

I took a lot of time into this beat and it's very "personal" so I hope you enjoy (critisism is always welcomed through a review)! Anyways, here's a few updates.

1.) I haven't posted much because I've either had mini projects that I haven't completed or loss of inspiration here and there, but I will have a few projects out, at least 1-3, before Aug. 1st since that's when I'm going camping until Aug. 4th.
2.) I'm recording with my cousin, Chris (a.k.a Paperdoll), for 4 days. This most likely means I'll have a few songs out soon.
3.) I'm still looking into it, but I may have my cousin, Marisa, sing on my new song, "Colors (They Fade...)."

Those are my main updates. Also, if anyone is willing, I want to collaborate to make a electronic 80's beat. If no one collaborates with me then I'll most likely finish it on my own, but I got the main points of the song (melodies and stuff). Besides that, I just thought I'd reassure everyone that I'm alive :P And noe, I leave you with a musical pun and links to my pages!!!

Check out my pages (Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter):


New Song & Updates!!!


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