Inspiration Anyone??

2013-02-27 00:20:50 by Stavier

I've been working on a LOT of projects lately. Some are relatively done, but just need mastering, or some ideas are great, but I haven't been able to expand on them. Asking for suggestions, what kinda inspiration do y'all suggest to get the music flow goin'?? Lately I just haven't had the energy/inspiration to make music and I know it's something that should come to you emotion wise, but sometimes I just can't find my chords, ya know??


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2013-02-27 03:59:43

One thing that works for me is to turn on everything at once with music on it - the TV, the radio, the computer, then just let them all run. Then I go do something else like mop the floor. What ends up happening when I stop concentrating on them is they meld together and I hear something weird and original that I can build off.

Weird, but inspiration is weird. You're gonna get some weird answers. LMAO!!

Stavier responds:

Lolz, that reminds me of a time when I was washin' teh dishes and I was listening to smooth jazz at the same time and right after, I noticed I was makin' a jazz song :D !!! But yea, I see what you're sayin', it makes sense, thanx!


2013-02-27 09:31:29

Kill a newborn lamb.

The gods will then guide you to your answer.

Stavier responds:

Dayum, inspirational fo' real


2013-03-02 00:25:02

When I need inspiration I usually listen to music that invokes emotion within me, take Nujabes for example, when you listen to his music you can tell he saw life beautifully despite all the hardships and struggles we go through. Life is constantly building or destroying with us right in the middle of it; its up to us as writers and artists to tell our stories our way and tell the world how it all ends or begins.

Like Love, Inspiration comes when we least expect it and we don't go looking for it; take the time to walk outside, watch a documentary on different parts of the earth and see how it can ignite your imagination.

The rest is up to you and don't worry all of us get brain-lock, that's why we need fellow artists to get the ball rolling again.

Keep doing what you do brother and remember - Quality over Quantity

Stavier responds:

Wow, this is one of the most heart-felt, inspirational things I have ever heard. Right after I read your comment, I went to go watch an Earth documentary and it was kinda nice, violent, but nice. I actually did get inspiration too for a new hip-hop song that I will try and release soon. Thanx you very much!!!


2013-03-06 15:51:38

I hope you don't let stupid school get in the way of music. School sucks and so do normal jobs and average lives. Flunk out and do music full time because you ARE AWESOME at these beats...tell your parents I said this too...

Stavier responds:

Lolz, itz all good its not really skool that gets in the way. In fact, I'm taking piano and guitar right now which really does help with my notes and stuff, but its the extracurricular things that get in the way such as speech, drama, and soulfege a.k.a vocal jazz group :)) but I'm happy with the 9 new songs I recently finished and I shall NEVER STOP CUZ I AM STAVIER!!! And you shouldnt either cuz u can b like the next will smith if u wanted too lolz :D


2013-03-25 19:21:40

I love your newest song


2013-05-10 17:57:59

What I do if I need inspiration, i go and read someone elses book, or listen to someone elses music, maybe similar to the style I want, or completely different. Sometimes inspiration is slow, (I know this) But, I do find turning to others work inspiring. Sometimes art as well. deviantart is a great resource for things like that.
Keep doing what you're doing.


2013-05-13 22:07:01

When i'm lost for ideas i do many things. I usually go for walks and drives to places that I find special someway or another. Sometimes i even take my laptop with me with fl studio open and just let the thoughts flow. Or i take my iPod and listen songs that have in someway influenced me or my thoughts.
I remember an amazing producer "exist strategy" once saying that you shouldn't just sit around and let inspiration come over time, but also go looking for inspiration. It may sound strange but one of the easiest ways i "look" for inspiration is by reflecting on my own thoughts. Things i enjoy, memories I cherish, even things to look forward too, and for me it works, because i find it easier to express the way I feel through creating music, than even trying to put it into words.
You will know when you get inspired. Finding a place to start is usually the hardest and one thing you should never do is force inspiration.
P.s Exist Strategy truly is an amazing producer and strongly influences my more chill songs, and i think you should check out some of his work. He is one of the only producers that can pump out a ton of tracks with amazing quality!! hope this helps :)


2013-06-05 10:02:11

Also, here's an excerpt from one of my books. Hope it helps. :)

There are many hazards when you deal with The Beacon. Incineration.

Spontaneous combustion. Asphyxiation. All of them unpleasant. Even after a physicist

examined the stone, we could not determine its origin. He claimed it was made of

completely natural materials. He could not, however, decide how it had burned his hand

and given it a brand; the symbol for fire. The triangular crystal in

question had sat in the middle of the octagonal room in the center of the city for as

long as anyone could remember. It lay on a crude stone pillar, and only few had seen it.

It was more rumor and legend than anything else. I grew up hearing such rumors of the

danger associated with the Beacon. The wails of parents on Choosing Day always scared

my when I was little. You see, every year, two young people from fourteen to eighteen

were chosen to watch over the Beacon. They often come back unharmed, if they

came back at all. This Beacon hung over us like a large fog, that we understand,

but all feared.