2013-01-04 18:59:33 by Stavier

I was working with my cousin, Chris a.k.a Paperdoll, & we got 5 new songs recorded. I also made a remix to one of the songs, but I won't post it until someone asks by request. Plus, NG was being complicated with me while I was tryna post it, but it may be fine now. He got a new mic for X-Mas & worked our hardest from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2nd to record HQ songs!!! So with that being said here are the links for the 5 new beats if you'd like to listen to them:

1.) Beautiful Life feat. Paperdoll
2.) Sweet Cherry
3.) Make It Twerk feat. Paperdoll
4.) Love In Disguise feat. Paperdoll
5.) Wonder feat. Paperdoll

We're currently working on a mixtape right now called "Risin' Up" & although it might take a while to finish, we are going to work our hardest have it done this year. Happy 2013 to everyone! :D

Check out my pages if you would like to be updated on music and chizz!:

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