From Terrible to Good to Bad news :P

2012-03-20 12:34:50 by Stavier

Alright, so here's the terrible news. The terrible news is that I had to completely restore my laptop because of the startup repair situation. And no, when we bought this laptop, it DIDN'T have the windows 7 disc nor did we have anythin' to recover it. I also lost ALL of my programs, including FL Studio :(

The good news, I have most of my files backed up. I should easily be able to run FL Studio again to, since I got a key from a friend so I think I can still make decent music.

The bad news, I've lost ALL of my recent files, so I don't have those backed up. I was working on so much music and now my good files that I haven't finished have all gone done the drain >:(


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2012-03-20 13:13:58

Man this really sucks. I know how it is to loose all of your data. Well, at least you were able to backupyou files. unlike me. Anyway I hope you can get them back.

Stavier responds:

Thanx man. Yeah, I only have certain ones, but this won't stop me from makin' music. It'll just takes hours to reupload certain files is all :P


2012-03-20 14:26:24

There is a way to recover files though. If you make yourself a linux live CD or USB, you could have manually browsed your harddrive and copy the files to an external source.. I'm sorry for your loss.. :C I wish i could have helped..

Stavier responds:

It's alright, I knew what I did wrong anyyways. It had to do with an Adobe installation.


2012-03-30 23:34:41

Sweet Shit! That sucks man ðY~± I wish I could help but I'm not the kind of person who can fix that... Great that you could get most things back ðY~S But still! I've had that happen to my computer twice except I have the disc to windows and all that good crap ðY~" But twice? Also my computer restarts in the middle of no where when I'm doing school projects and other important things! Hope you can get back to normal in a little bit ðY~f
~Sheep007 your (maybe) biggest fan ðY~
P.S. Emmoticons are amazing when you have an iPod touch ðY~oe


2012-03-30 23:35:49

Don't mind the things under this comment! The random things... They are supposed to be Emmoticons :(

Stavier responds:

Yeah, it's alright though, I got all my instruments backed up that I mostly use anyways :D My, for some reason, never came with one. My mom just kinda bought it and by default it had windows so idk. Lolz, I was wonderin wat those were for a sec :)


2012-04-12 17:27:30

Your newest track is horrible..
Just joking ;p i haven't had time to listen to one of your tracks for quite a while, hate having a job that asks every free hour of the day. I liked your newest one alot, helps relax after these painfully long and hard days. Keep it up man.

Stavier responds:

Lolz, I thought you were serious for a sec. Cuz I've been so tired and stuff goin' on today that I've just been a mess, but that lil' trick made my day :) Haven't made as much, but Imma post a jazz track tomorrow so be tuned it for that! Thanx man, I really worked hard on that, Imma prob make lyrics to it with my cuzin chris too. Thanx man!!!