CLABTRAP '12 beats anyone???

2012-02-24 21:48:47 by Stavier

Wooohooo, good news. I have recently been working on beats and I got a message from BigRed about the hip hop competition. If anyone would like a beat, I'd be happy to try and produce a track for you, but just know that I don't really sample, only originals. Also, just message me to see what kinda beat your lookin' for (calm, dark, dirty south, west coast, etc.) I'm not sayin' I'm limitted to the amount of tracks I can make, but just know that if someone gets me ahead of time, I'll have to finish their beat first for I still do want to work on my grades. So again, if anyone wants tracks for the competition this year just lemme know. If you do end up using my beat, make sure you give me credit for the beat in your description and that's really all I require. Good luck to all of y'all rappers out there!!! :D


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