Good News Y'all :D!!!!!

2012-02-09 22:35:06 by Stavier

Heya guys, wazzup?!?!?! I got some, as you can see in the title, good and bad news :P

Da good news: I've been doin' better in school and raised that one class grade I needed to from a F, which wasn't even on the progress report we had, to a C :D So far, it's all goin' good and since our teacher just graded our test yesterday, i think I did good on that which may have brought me up more. Also, I'll be makin' more beats when I come back such as Dirty South and the chill hip hop vibes i've been havin' lately. And to top it off, I'm gonna try to see if I can get collaberated with Biggamaggnom and Atalia (she has a page, but doesn't have music on it) with my cousin Chris :D

Also, I'd appreciate if you'd like my Facebook page, subscribe to my YouTube, & or follow me on Soundcloud

Thanx for your time (if you actually read this)!!!


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2012-02-24 00:44:36

Hi! It's awesome that you are getting your grades up! I'll like your facebook page and youtube page. :3 sorry that I didnt read this sooner. You are not alone!!!!!! O: lol