Takin' a break

2012-01-16 02:57:37 by Stavier

Heya, watz up y'all. So lately, I haven't been doin' so good in my literature class. Rite now, it's probably my hardest class EVER!!! I love makin' music and all, but I'm on my laptop like 24/7. In order to boost my grades up, I'll probably have to take a break from makin' music. It just distracts me so much that I can't even explain. I might be workin' on some during the weekends, but I won't be posting much for a couple of weeks until our 2nd trimester is over. I'll probably post one more eurodance song and update another, but if I do post somethin', it'll be a demo that I'll post here. In the meanwhile, check out my FB, YT, and SC pages :P


Also, check out my newest song. Tried makin' some west coast, dr. dre style in this song:
~Stavier~ Ain't Feelin' Good

Until a few weeks, Adios!!!


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2012-01-19 14:55:29

Good luck wtich School!

Stavier responds:

Thanx man, im trin' my best :D