Man, hate when this happens

2011-09-13 23:54:34 by Stavier

I hate when I'm trying to submit a song and it says it ain't .mp3 when I clearly rendered it as an .mp3 file and made sure it was. Usually, it happens after like 3 tries if it's not workin' right away, but the one I'm tryin' to submit isn't workin' after more then 10 times. It's starting to really piss me off son, really is!!! >:(


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2011-09-14 00:00:18

Hm. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. Are you sure it is an MP3?

Stavier responds:

Nvm, I rendered it again and for some reason it decided to work :P


2011-09-16 19:47:48

I've had that at times too...sometimes it tends to be the browser :/

Stavier responds:

Yeah, after awhile it starts workn' but sometimes it just annoys the crap outta me


2011-09-18 15:21:24

Lol, all yes, the old denial NG audio portal. That haven't happened to me for a while now. Glad you got the song uploaded though.

Stavier responds:

Yeah, I think whenever I put it into Itunes and edit it then it wont work, but if I don't add any info then it's all good.


2011-10-15 16:23:54

Yeah that shit used to happen to me too ):< But it should be fixed now.

Stavier responds:

yeah, the only reason it use to happen to me is cuz wen i woold edit the info in itunes, it wont except it, maybe cuz of the artwork or somethin, but I edit it after I upload and if I make an edit i make a seperate un-edited one and then replace the one that has the edit so I don't have to edit again except for the artwork