I am Xavier, but you can call me Stavier. I dable in the making of music production. You should checkout my songs cuz you just should, k??

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Stavier's News

Posted by Stavier - July 26th, 2013

Heya, whaddup fellow NG community!?!? It's been aehile since I've updated with any new posts so I thought maybe I should make one to update and share about my new song. The new song I made is an ambient/chillout beat that I thought was a bit different from my normal style. It has the chill feel like I normally make, with a hint of retro vintage instruments, but I've never made anything so ambient at the same time. The hardest part was probably the 32 bar music box intro, but I used all the inspiration and spirit within me to make this one of my best songs ever! Here's a link to my new song: Colors (They Fade...)

I took a lot of time into this beat and it's very "personal" so I hope you enjoy (critisism is always welcomed through a review)! Anyways, here's a few updates.

1.) I haven't posted much because I've either had mini projects that I haven't completed or loss of inspiration here and there, but I will have a few projects out, at least 1-3, before Aug. 1st since that's when I'm going camping until Aug. 4th.
2.) I'm recording with my cousin, Chris (a.k.a Paperdoll), for 4 days. This most likely means I'll have a few songs out soon.
3.) I'm still looking into it, but I may have my cousin, Marisa, sing on my new song, "Colors (They Fade...)."

Those are my main updates. Also, if anyone is willing, I want to collaborate to make a electronic 80's beat. If no one collaborates with me then I'll most likely finish it on my own, but I got the main points of the song (melodies and stuff). Besides that, I just thought I'd reassure everyone that I'm alive :P And noe, I leave you with a musical pun and links to my pages!!!

Check out my pages (Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, & Twitter):


New Song & Updates!!!

Posted by Stavier - February 27th, 2013

I've been working on a LOT of projects lately. Some are relatively done, but just need mastering, or some ideas are great, but I haven't been able to expand on them. Asking for suggestions, what kinda inspiration do y'all suggest to get the music flow goin'?? Lately I just haven't had the energy/inspiration to make music and I know it's something that should come to you emotion wise, but sometimes I just can't find my chords, ya know??

Posted by Stavier - January 4th, 2013

I was working with my cousin, Chris a.k.a Paperdoll, & we got 5 new songs recorded. I also made a remix to one of the songs, but I won't post it until someone asks by request. Plus, NG was being complicated with me while I was tryna post it, but it may be fine now. He got a new mic for X-Mas & worked our hardest from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2nd to record HQ songs!!! So with that being said here are the links for the 5 new beats if you'd like to listen to them:

1.) Beautiful Life feat. Paperdoll
2.) Sweet Cherry
3.) Make It Twerk feat. Paperdoll
4.) Love In Disguise feat. Paperdoll
5.) Wonder feat. Paperdoll

We're currently working on a mixtape right now called "Risin' Up" & although it might take a while to finish, we are going to work our hardest have it done this year. Happy 2013 to everyone! :D

Check out my pages if you would like to be updated on music and chizz!:

1.) Soundcloud
2.) Youtube
3.) Facebook
4.) Twitter


Posted by Stavier - December 24th, 2012

Merry X-Mas Eve! I made a seperate jazz song for x-mas, but for the spirit of it, I made a song before Christmas since I'll be busy with the fam so here's a new beat (if anyone wants to rap or collaborate with me then PM meh)!!!
Stars Above (Instrumental)

Posted by Stavier - August 22nd, 2012

Dang, I got like a million new beats, but newgrounds keeps sayin I got a valid .mp3. I don't edit the song in any way, It's not valid. I don't put it in itunes yet, it's not valid. But, for some reason, songs with my cousin chris seem to work. IDK if it's because there's a recording in it, but it's just weird. Any suggestions?!?! Anythin' would help right about now :(

Posted by Stavier - March 20th, 2012

Alright, so here's the terrible news. The terrible news is that I had to completely restore my laptop because of the startup repair situation. And no, when we bought this laptop, it DIDN'T have the windows 7 disc nor did we have anythin' to recover it. I also lost ALL of my programs, including FL Studio :(

The good news, I have most of my files backed up. I should easily be able to run FL Studio again to, since I got a key from a friend so I think I can still make decent music.

The bad news, I've lost ALL of my recent files, so I don't have those backed up. I was working on so much music and now my good files that I haven't finished have all gone done the drain >:(

Posted by Stavier - February 24th, 2012

Wooohooo, good news. I have recently been working on beats and I got a message from BigRed about the hip hop competition. If anyone would like a beat, I'd be happy to try and produce a track for you, but just know that I don't really sample, only originals. Also, just message me to see what kinda beat your lookin' for (calm, dark, dirty south, west coast, etc.) I'm not sayin' I'm limitted to the amount of tracks I can make, but just know that if someone gets me ahead of time, I'll have to finish their beat first for I still do want to work on my grades. So again, if anyone wants tracks for the competition this year just lemme know. If you do end up using my beat, make sure you give me credit for the beat in your description and that's really all I require. Good luck to all of y'all rappers out there!!! :D

Posted by Stavier - February 9th, 2012

Heya guys, wazzup?!?!?! I got some, as you can see in the title, good and bad news :P

Da good news: I've been doin' better in school and raised that one class grade I needed to from a F, which wasn't even on the progress report we had, to a C :D So far, it's all goin' good and since our teacher just graded our test yesterday, i think I did good on that which may have brought me up more. Also, I'll be makin' more beats when I come back such as Dirty South and the chill hip hop vibes i've been havin' lately. And to top it off, I'm gonna try to see if I can get collaberated with Biggamaggnom and Atalia (she has a page, but doesn't have music on it) with my cousin Chris :D

Also, I'd appreciate if you'd like my Facebook page, subscribe to my YouTube, & or follow me on Soundcloud

Thanx for your time (if you actually read this)!!!

Posted by Stavier - January 16th, 2012

Heya, watz up y'all. So lately, I haven't been doin' so good in my literature class. Rite now, it's probably my hardest class EVER!!! I love makin' music and all, but I'm on my laptop like 24/7. In order to boost my grades up, I'll probably have to take a break from makin' music. It just distracts me so much that I can't even explain. I might be workin' on some during the weekends, but I won't be posting much for a couple of weeks until our 2nd trimester is over. I'll probably post one more eurodance song and update another, but if I do post somethin', it'll be a demo that I'll post here. In the meanwhile, check out my FB, YT, and SC pages :P


Also, check out my newest song. Tried makin' some west coast, dr. dre style in this song:
~Stavier~ Ain't Feelin' Good

Until a few weeks, Adios!!!

Posted by Stavier - September 13th, 2011

I hate when I'm trying to submit a song and it says it ain't .mp3 when I clearly rendered it as an .mp3 file and made sure it was. Usually, it happens after like 3 tries if it's not workin' right away, but the one I'm tryin' to submit isn't workin' after more then 10 times. It's starting to really piss me off son, really is!!! >:(